Hello world!

Baby, husband, business, website building and house, oh yes and a dog.  And that is just within a 2km radius of my computer.  Snack bites of time are all that is available. 

The munchkin is 14 months old today, and took 20 steps laughing his head off, we spent most of the day playing Lego and reading stories.  The kitchen table is once again covered with stuff from all three of us.  Have discovered the liberating power of the number 5.  Deal with 5 things only then give myself permission to walk away or do another 5 if it’s really driving me nuts.  Deal with them properly, find their proper place … possibly the bin for 30%, not just stuffing them in the cupboard for next week and a mammoth sorting mission that will need far more than a mere snack bite. 

5 no more – no less.  I can look at the table and know that it will be clear again, just not now.


About Dee

Mummy, writer, designer, lifetime stitcher and reader, fab cook and terrible gardener.
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