One egotistical idiot, two embarassed women

WAG’s (wives and girlfriends) of [insert favourite sport here] have never really featured on my radar … don’t even raise a beep.  Two have this week, and both have my utmost sympathy, Lara Bingle (who would have thunk it!) and Alex Fevola. 

Can only assume Alex is keeping in mind the current recommendations that a lame dad is better than an absent one and Lara, … well … who hasn’t had at least one relationship they are not proud of, for whatever reason.  But to have it back in the media in the form of a shower shot you clearly appear to be unhappy having taken would be mortifying.  Alex, don’t know what to say, it would be hell having your life splashed across the media, would just hate to be in your shoes right now.

Brendan Fevola, how could you possibly not deduce that there would be legal ramifications from publicising a nude picture the subject was not happy having taken. Doh!  If you are completely incapable of not acting like a tool, at the very least keep in mind that your actions determine how your daughters see themselves.  Their lives and subsequent life choices will be heavily influenced by observing in their formative years how you treat women.


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