Cocktail dress in deep rose pink

Hmmmm, have fabbo wedding to attend in Perth, dress: cocktail, on the water.  Too fat for the thin clothes, too thin for the fat clothes.  Besides, I need (haha) something new.  How we try to justify ourselves. 

Had so many plans for getting things done today with Grandma on duty; type up new design, pay bills, do accounts, add more to shop site.  Managed to do weekly food shop (so hate that job, cannot wait for web shopping service in the highlands), finish the Mt Everest of ironing (strangely I hate this less than shopping), and locate a pattern (total highlight of the day).  Was about to buy fabric, but remembered some yummy pink silk in the cupboard that is yet to be transformed into a vision of loveliness (highlight intensified to the power of 10).  It is somewhat more deep rose than I remembered, but am pretty sure it will be di-vine!

Thinking about it now am a concerned I will look like Skye Leckie meets Ivana Trump, but want something spectacular and gorgeous, and this is the closest to fitting the bill.  Watch this space


About Dee

Mummy, writer, designer, lifetime stitcher and reader, fab cook and terrible gardener.
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