Come (whine and) Dine with me

OMG have just realised the true horror that is my circa '84 kitchen bench top surface. Oh well, it still works and I have so many other things to spend money on ...

Love food, … who doesn’t?  Masterchef in all its permutations is great, but, oh the utterly delicious viewing pleasure  “Come Dine with Me” provides.  Suspect I may be something of the voyeur as I adore this show and have even perverted hubby towards it, (lucky there wasn’t a football match on though).  Have fantasised about competing in the Australian show but lost my nerve, thought about it too long and missed the window.  Next year maybe. 

Cooking is one thing, competing to be the hostess with the mostest is another thing entirely.  My preference is for the 5 half hour shows throughout the week format.  The current UK series with 4 dinner parties in one hour show just doesn’t provide enough of the bitchery, narrator commentary and contestant interplay that is the truly indulgent and and salacious window into peoples lives.  The beauty of the UK series over the Australian one is that added class divide.  The first Australian series just had a bunch of lushes getting tanked in a range of settings, but after a slow start in week one, James Valentine’s commentary was a tour-de-force.

Good to see last night that the tall poppy syndrome is not just an Australian thing as Beverley copped a pasting from the green-eyed monsters at her table.  I wouldn’t have given her first but she definately didn’t deserve last.  The latest offering from my humble kitchen are Nigella Lawson’s Totally Chocolate Chip Cookies, … totally lush, … and no, they don’t have the Heart Foundation Tick.


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