Outsourcing, every busy Mummy’s best friend

Deep rose pink cocktail dress has hit a snag, … no time.  Husband, 15 month old toddler, dog, running a 7 day a week retail needlecraft store, building shop website, shop blog, house and this blog … it was running a very poor 9th.  My positioning this blog at 8, with the follow up consistency I haven’t managed to achieve demonstrated here, you have some idea of where we currently are in construction.  Fabrics and construction items are purchased and washed and that is it.

Have all the stuff ... very short on time

Lay in bed last night thinking I now have until April 22nd to finish, would not be a problem if I didn’t have everything else I need to do.  Have decided I need to pay someone else to construct.  This is almost anaethema, have not had anyone else make clothing for me in 26 years!  However it appears that it is the only solution.  No one ever does it to you satisfaction.

Wish me luck


About Dee

Mummy, writer, designer, lifetime stitcher and reader, fab cook and terrible gardener.
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