Customer service, … you mean you offer it?

OMG cannot believe it, for the first time, ever, I was able to find someone to approve my signature in the self-serve section of Big W.  When I needed them!  No waiting!  This has never happened to me.  I finished, looked around, made eye contact and she was there within 2 seconds.  “No big deal” I hear you say.  I repeat, this has NEVER happened to me. 

I was so excited and impressed I wandered off dazed and forgot my receipt.  When I realised 5 minutes later, and came back for it the girl had even kept it for me!  Scrape yourselves off the floor people and strap yourself to something stable because 1o minutes later after the munchkin and I did an express run through Woolworth’s I again received assistance at self-serve WHEN I NEEDED IT! 

I know you don’t believe me.  Gotta say, I was so shocked, I went home and forgot to go to the bottle shop, … bummer!  Lucky there is some Vanilla Voddie stashed in the freezer.  And they were even nice, … and polite, …  and smiled at me!  Can only imagine that all the planets were in alignment.  Am not anticipating anything like this happening until the munchkin is in university, (he is currently 15 months old, and much as I think he is amazing, I don’t think he is ready for the accelerated learning program). 

Maybe the universe is paying back the Karma for all the times when I am in a hurry, and forced to wait for what seems like forever and don’t actually hit them when they wander over to render assistance, 10 minutes after I have officially burst a pouffer valve in frustration.


About Dee

Mummy, writer, designer, lifetime stitcher and reader, fab cook and terrible gardener.
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