Good advice from your Mum

Always buy yourself a birthday cake!

 not a lame, miserable little thing from a grocery chain.  Go nuts, find a fab cake shop nearby and indulge.  You don’t have to eat it all yourself, although there is no law that says you can’t.  This is one of the sage pieces of advice from my mother since I left home. 

I didn’t realise how profound and appealing, yet simple and do-able, this piece of advice was until I found myself eating birthday cake at the home of one of my Mothers Group friends.  It was a casual gathering, but she was leaving the next day for her interstate wedding.  Someone asked her why we were at her house having coffee and cake when she had so much to do.  My mother’s advice came out of her mouth.  Others at the table thought it was a great idea.  

It reminded me how important it is to be mindful of what you say (and always use my powers for good and not evil).  I have had a few thoughts about her advice this week, and why it is so enticing …which is not a word usually applied to advice from your mum.   Buying your own birthday cake is important for a number of reasons and not all of them are superficial.

1 Take the time to look after yourself.  If you don’t think you are worth it, you can hardly expect other people to (another piece of good advice from my Mum).

2 Small children do not realise you are having a birthday unless there are candles and a cake.  It is good for them to realise it is not all about them every now and then.  (Mum again!)

3 Time management tip for busy Mummy’s.  Outsourcing your cake means less imposition on your time, and you can have something that is beyond your baking capabilities.

4 Good excuse to slow down, invite some friends over and catch up.

5 Eating cake at home with your mates is far less stressful than taking a group of toddlers to a coffee shop or restaurant.

6 The fun and fantasy of flicking through the cake shops photographs is sure to make you smile, … just don’t drool, it is unhygienic and the pages will stick together.

7 Birthdays come once a year.  An annual fabbo cake is hardly an outrageous excess on a family budget.

8 You get exactly what you want.  Shouldn’t we all have a little slice of that at least one day a year.

So go buy that cake, and if it’s not your birthday, consider this quality time to locate the cake shop of your dreams.


About Dee

Mummy, writer, designer, lifetime stitcher and reader, fab cook and terrible gardener.
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