What about Iceland and its people?

Not sure if I’ve gone nuts or the rest of the world has.  It certainly has nothing to do with sewing, or domestic arts, but what is going on with the world’s media?  I have heard and seen story after story about human suffering on a grand scale where someone is trapped or stranded.  Unable to get back home or to go on their holiday of a life time.  The airlines are suffering major financial hardship and need compensation.  I have seen incredible footage of volcanic clouds and the effects on European airspace….. Ummm what about Iceland and its people?

I have seen one 2 second grab of volcanic ash on a car, my mother told me she saw something about a man looking for his cattle, …. they probably won’t make it due to lung damage.  There is some serious scorched earth stuff here.   Volcanic soil can be incredibly fertile but the damage caused by the eruption can only be catastrophic and the clean up bill, … well there won’t be any money for that after October 2008.  The people of Iceland must really think things suck, National financial wipeout, a volcano eruption that would have been as scary as hell, followed by the knowledge that the global media machine has responded with miserable hard luck stories about those grounded, (some would say trapped), safe, somewhere else.


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