Julia Gillard PM, women in politics

Never thought I would see it in my lifetime.  Female Prime Minister in this country.  Very glad to be wrong.  Possibly the smartest person in Canberra has earned the top job.  Lets face it, she has done most of the hard work and spent more time acting PM than Kevin 747 did in the first 90 days (and then of course the poor love needed a rest).  Kev, not Julia.

… and they say we are unaccepting of New Australians.  The only way we could be more accepting is for her to completely reverse the Labor decline and deliver a record number of seats in the next Federal election.  All she has to do is keep her nose clean.  To date she has publically remained free of significant errors in a party ridden with backstepping on “buck stops here” policy.  While not all of her portfolio initiatives have been universally popular, there is a following for many of the outcomes.  The MySchool website crashed within hours such was the parental interest in how well their child’s school was ranking.  Teachers were unimpressed.

My personal favourite Julia moment is the  “What happens on tour, stays on tour” quote, delivered to Karl Stevanovic on the Today Show after they publicised the picture of the alleged “pash” she shared with Beattie on the “Listening Tour”.

Julia, I don’t always agree with you.  But right now I am not seeing many bright shining stars in Canberra, of any political bent, worthy of my vote.  Kristina Keneally, take a good hard look at someone who is more concerned with substance than appearance.  Stop trying to get in with the cool kids on Twitter.  140 characters is not worthy of the NSW voting public’s intelligence, regardless of where and what you think the political landscape is.  Fascinating that Julia Gillard’s Tweets are private and only accessible by approval.  Of course I have applied.

To date Anna Bligh is the only female leader elected to the position, and her status is looking tenous although Queensland State politicians could pull something out of the bag and snatch defeat from victory with some more faction fighting.  Amazing, even more self-destructive than NSW state politics.

OMG, cannot believe I have managed to spew so much about politics.  Ok, I know it is hardly substantial or earth shattering.  Australian politics is more bitchy than dangerous, there are the capitalists, the chardonnay socialists and a rowdy rabble that refuses to offer itself as a significant alternative due to wandering off on tangents instead of focussing on real issues.


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