Cut the munchkin’s hair today

This looks worse than it was


My little munchkin is blessed with gorgeous thick curly hair.  Started noticing it was forming ringlets at swimming.  Hmmm.  As he had never had his hair cut, he still had the mini baby mullet at the bottom, with teddy fur in the middle of the back of his head and gorgeous curls on top.  Always thought those mothers who allowed small boys hair to get longer and longer were vaguely ridiculous, now I understand.  It causes pangs to get that first haircut.  My munchkin is no longer a baby. 

It was the fact that it was getting knotty and it hurt him to have it brushed that was the clincher.  I sedated him with the Wiggles and when that no longer worked stuck him in his high chair with something he is not usually allowed to 

 play with.  Don’t think I did too bad a job, given he wouldn’t stop moving.  Now I have some lovely little curls saved … 

The newly shorn munchkin


and a little boy.


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Mummy, writer, designer, lifetime stitcher and reader, fab cook and terrible gardener.
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