Halloween an American holiday slowly invading Australia

Trick or Treat!

I don't celebrate Halloween. It is more of an American Holiday as I understand it and has a lot to do with the witch trials in the 1600's, although there have been periods of witch trial hysteria across the Northern Hemisphere throughout the last millenia. Gotta love Miller's "The Crucible". Incidently recent research has shown a definate correlation between witch hysteria and unnusually heavy rain patterns across the Northern Hemisphere during the last millenia. This unnusually heavy rain caused fermentation in grain that was used as part of the staple diet. That fermentation results in mild/moderate hallucinogenic incidents in humans who consume it. Completely off the track but fascinating stuff!

I do however stock up on individually wrapped lollies and treats for the kids who go doorknocking in our street. Partly because I have heard about people having rocks thrown at their house by disgruntled kids and my friends who have kids who are older than the munchkin have taken their kids Trick or Treating. Haven't decided how I will tackle the munchkin wanting to go Trick or Treating but I have a year or two before I have to make that decision.

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