Yes, that is the rose pink cocktail dress!


Right now, my most important job is Mummy, but if friends and family were asked to describe me in 5 words, sewing would feature every time, … with cooking not long after.  “Domestic Arts Goddess” had not occurred to me in February and even now it seems a little grandiose.   Unfortunately, as I am a latecomer to this whole blogging thing, “Not Another Mummy Blog” was already taken so I started out with the unimaginative “Mummysews”.  This is my personal blog, created more as a practice piece (toile,  if you will) to enhance my business blog. “The more you flex a muscle the stronger it gets”.  

I am a voracious reader, with no time to read, needlecraft designer, writer, great cook (thanks to a fabulous cookbook library) and the world’s worst gardener.  You can also follow me on Twitter.


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