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Julia Gillard PM, women in politics

Never thought I would see it in my lifetime.  Female Prime Minister in this country.  Very glad to be wrong.  Possibly the smartest person in Canberra has earned the top job.  Lets face it, she has done most of the hard … Continue reading

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What about Iceland and its people?

Not sure if I’ve gone nuts or the rest of the world has.  It certainly has nothing to do with sewing, or domestic arts, but what is going on with the world’s media?  I have heard and seen story after … Continue reading

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Customer service, … you mean you offer it?

OMG cannot believe it, for the first time, ever, I was able to find someone to approve my signature in the self-serve section of Big W.  When I needed them!  No waiting!  This has never happened to me.  I finished, … Continue reading

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Come (whine and) Dine with me

Love food, … who doesn’t?  Masterchef in all its permutations is great, but, oh the utterly delicious viewing pleasure  “Come Dine with Me” provides.  Suspect I may be something of the voyeur as I adore this show and have even perverted hubby towards it, (lucky there … Continue reading

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How sic or dope are you?

Got to ask the question, what kind of loser has such a great time at a party that they wander down the street and terrorise an older lady, bang on her windows, throw toilet paper around her front yard?  Does this … Continue reading

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One egotistical idiot, two embarassed women

WAG’s (wives and girlfriends) of [insert favourite sport here] have never really featured on my radar … don’t even raise a beep.  Two have this week, and both have my utmost sympathy, Lara Bingle (who would have thunk it!) and Alex … Continue reading

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