5 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Week

Finishing my Christmas Shopping
Got most of the hard pressies now it is just the cool stuff for the munchkin’s stocking

New merchandising for my shop
Getting some new cross-stitch pieces back from the framers to decorate my shop and inspire my customers

Writing up a hard copy of a hand knit design

Finishing some TAX paperwork
Finalising some paperwork that has been hanging over me since April, … I am not into avoidance, … much. Can label and file and store in the garage instead of cluttering up my house.


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Our Most Non-Traditional Holiday Tradition

In the run up to the festive season, I am preparing traditional Christmas treats … and madly looking for a truly offensive joke to tell!

Húsvéti nyuszi durva ébresztést kap – The Easter Bunny Gets A Rude Awakening

It probably started because I thought the festive atmosphere would soften any punitive repercussions for being naughty when I was home from my first year at bording school.

We have a "Dirtiest joke you have heard all year competition", over the years this has evolved from just me telling a dirty joke to the most shocking joke/story anyone has heard with a jury of the table attendees getting to judge and declare a winner. It is usually a game I win but in the last few years my standards have slipped.

The year before last my mother put in her first entry in 26 years and won, admittedly she had to write it down and then read it out or she would have forgotten the punchline.

… I am impressed she knew how to spell some of the words!

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My 5 Worst Vices

Cheap bubbles
Am drinking far more Yellowglen Bella Bianco than I should. It is cheap, cheerful and delicious

Expensive Vodka
Was never really a Vodka girl but have discovered just how damn good it is kept in the freezer. Straight up, no ice. hmmm this is not looking good

No exercise
Keep planning to do it but just can’t find the time, …. yes I know MAKE the time and myself a priority

Came back from Italy in the early ’90s with stovetop espresso maker, … it is supposed to be a 6 cup. Yeah right, I mix one cup of hot milk with it and get 2! I have even lured my husband to the dark side with this one.

I should be doing Q3 BAS right now, and instead here I am!

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Halloween an American holiday slowly invading Australia

Trick or Treat!

I don't celebrate Halloween. It is more of an American Holiday as I understand it and has a lot to do with the witch trials in the 1600's, although there have been periods of witch trial hysteria across the Northern Hemisphere throughout the last millenia. Gotta love Miller's "The Crucible". Incidently recent research has shown a definate correlation between witch hysteria and unnusually heavy rain patterns across the Northern Hemisphere during the last millenia. This unnusually heavy rain caused fermentation in grain that was used as part of the staple diet. That fermentation results in mild/moderate hallucinogenic incidents in humans who consume it. Completely off the track but fascinating stuff!

I do however stock up on individually wrapped lollies and treats for the kids who go doorknocking in our street. Partly because I have heard about people having rocks thrown at their house by disgruntled kids and my friends who have kids who are older than the munchkin have taken their kids Trick or Treating. Haven't decided how I will tackle the munchkin wanting to go Trick or Treating but I have a year or two before I have to make that decision.

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I am not superstitious, but …

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I look forward to Friday the 13th. Something good always happens. I first noticed it in 1996 when I received mail notice that I had paid off my HECS debt and so my take home pay increased. Since then I have won raffles, been given free books, been a genuine lucky 100th customer and found my lunch was for free at a local cafe when I went to pay! It is always a great day in some way.

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If I Could Invent Anything

Spooky, Flying Space-Cat

A product that i could sprinkle on my garden and cause a minor explosion that is activated and launches deficating and urinating cats 3 feet in the air to discourage them from using my front garden as a public toilet.

If my dog deficates on someone elses lawn I can be fined $250 for not cleaning it up, why are cat owners immune to these fines.

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Would I Survive No Internet for a Whole Month? Yep, already got it planned.

Playing Ground #2

Yeah baby! Would spend all the time I currently invest building my shop website doing all those sensible housewife things and then when my little boy wakes up we can spend more time at the park, playing Lego and chasing the dog and butterflies.

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